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For these themes to work you will need an extension called 'Stylish'.

How to install Stylish:

Google chrome

1) Click here to download extension file. It should give you a download and say can't install. This is what should happen. If it doesn't, Right click the link, Save as and save it anywhere.

2) Next open Google Chrome and in the URL box type in: "chrome://extensions" (without quotation marks)

3) Drag the file onto this screen.

4) Click on 'Add', and you should now have Stylish installed! You can now go ahead with installing the theme.

1) Click here to download.
2) If it doesn't automatically install just open the downloaded file with Firefox.
3) You should now have Stylish installed! You can go ahead with installing the theme.

How to install themes
1) Go to the gallery to select a theme that you like. Click on the link for this theme.
2) This should take you to a page with the theme and an Install button that says, "+ Install with Stylish". Click on this button. You should now have the theme!
3) If you want to disable it then click on the 'S' icon in the top right corner and click on disable under the theme name. If you want to enable it again, follow the same steps and click enable!

      Note: Enable only one theme at a time! If you enable two at once the themes will break.

      Requirements (Play, Play mini, Classic)
      1) These requirements are the themes you can set from fronter's built-in theme system.
      2) In Fronter, click on your name in the top right corner and click on My Profile.
      3) Scroll all the way down and click on personal settings.
      4) Chose the style that the theme says is required or is compatible with.

            Note: Using themes with styles other than those recommended may break the themes.